Honoring Nature Anthology and Book Launch

Honoring Nature

Anthology: Honoring Nature

Honoring Nature: an Authors & Artists Festival anthology from the first two years

Book proceeds support future A&A festivals, the contributing authors and artists, the editor (Lis McLoughlin, NatureCulture) and the publisher (Paul Richmond, Human Error Publishing). Thank you for supporting local arts!

Art from Honoring Nature

(note: Interior of book is black and white)

Invitation to read Honoring Nature

Become Entangled…..

Good poems are about more than one thing, and so is this anthology. A coalition of creatives from the first two years of the Authors and Artists Festival honor nature in their unique ways. 

From poets’ and artists’ close observations of plants, rivers, and sky we move to question human identity through relationships with animals and the larger web of life. From there we indulge grief, fear, and anger to finally find hope together. 

Stories of art, science, adventure, and faith conclude with the enchanted nature of our entanglement in the natural web, and an affirmation of Indigenous cultural knowledge. 

Join us to honor nature in voices that mirror her diversity–we hope there’s more than one thing in this collection for everyone who cares about nature and our place within.

Honoring Nature: Table of Contents

I. Listening to Nature 




II. Identity 

III. Human-Animal Relationships 

IV. Warnings and Destruction 

V. Finding Hope 

VI. Stories of Art, Science, and Adventure 

VII. Stories of Faith


Postscript by Doug Harris, Preservationist for Ceremonial Landscapes

Honoring Nature Authors and Artists:


Marty Espinola

Janet MacFadyen

Robert Eugene Perry

Candace Curran

Roger West

Cheryl Savageau

Susan Glass

Dina Stander

Kate Rex

Carlos Dufflar

Anna Warrock

Cynthia Snow

Janet Soreson

JuPong Lin

Holly Harden

Paul Rabinowitz

David Crews

Jason Grundstrom-Whitney

Richard Horton

Karen Warinsky

Zarnab Tufail

David Wyman


Paul Richmond

Angel Martinez

Lise Weil

Rebecca Burrill

Leo Hwang

Joan Maloof

Christian McEwen

Susan Cerulean

Deb Habib

Simon Wilson

Julia Sibley-Jones

Patrick Curry

Doug Harris


Helene Grogan

Cate Woolnar


Martin Bridge

Marty Espinola

Fred Bulye

Vic Bernardi

Lis McLoughlin

JuPong Lin

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