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~Please note that all programming is virtual~

(The A&A Reading Group, and the Authors and Artists Festival February 27-28, 2021 are Free: the other Associated Programming helps pay for the festival. Please note there are no refunds unless the events are cancelled, but you can give someone your electronic ticket if you can’t make it. Thank you for supporting the A&A Festival!)

A&A Reading Group discussions are free and Authors will attend through the end of the series!

The Authors and Artists Reading Group is free. We will read one book/month written by an A&A speaker between September 2020 and the festival in February 2021. Join us the first Sunday of every month from 11am-12noon.

Books to be discussed:

Sunday, January 3, 2021 (11am-12noon): Animal-Human Relations Month! We will discuss two books about animals and their relationship with people: Susan Cerulean’s I Have Been Assigned the Single Bird (memoire includes birding and her father’s dementia) and Gay Bradshaw’s Talking with Bears: Conversations with Charlie Russell. These books are full of stories—read one or both. BONUS: author Susan Cerulean will join us for the discussion!

Sunday, February 7, 2021 (11am-12noon): The Way of Imagination by Scott Russell Sanders. A new book of essays from a master Nature writer on how the combination of compassion and imagination can solve our climate crisis. BONUS: The author, Scott Russell Sanders, will join us for this discussion!

Rebecca R. Burrill: Movement-Language-Nature-Art

Movement Artist and Educator

Rebecca R Burrill is an ecocentric dancer, artistic director, and movement-based child developmentalist-educator. Her work focuses on the aesthetics of first perceptions—movement-sound—as primary language, the language of human kinship with Nature. She engages people of all ages in the experience of these deep psycho-biological processes, culminating in community ceremonial site-specific dance performance.

Movement Language Nature Art explores the inherently aesthetic organization of human first perception—movement-sound. Organized in utero as one perception movement-sound constitutes primary language—the kinship language we humans share with the many intelligences of the Natural World. Through guided imagery mediation, movement-sound explorations, and art-making through perceptual sequencing, participants follow an experiential pathway discovering the inner processes of primary language. This gives experience for participants, post festival, to direct their own Nature immersion primary languaging session. From this experience participants make art—poetry, prose, and/or visual—through the immediacy of primary languaging processes.

Saturday, January 23, 2021 (10:30am-12:30pm): Movement Language Nature Art ; Cost: $25 The results of the workshop (at students’ discretion) will be made available on the A&A website….

The Way of Imagination: Scott Russell Sanders

Dr. Scott Russell Sanders, author of more than 20 books about the environment, leads a discussion of his new book of environmental essays: The Way of Imagination, in which he explores the role of imagination in art, science, and ethics. In this discussion, we will explore how imagination might guide us through the current social and environmental upheaval, as climate heating, epidemic diseases, divisive politics, and loss of biodiversity alter our place on the planet and our lives together. If it were not so common a talent, imagination would be recognized as a superpower rivaling anything dreamed up for comic-book heroes, for it breaks the shell of the status quo, summoning up objects that do not yet exist, actions that no one has yet performed, and wiser ways of living.

This discussion is part of our free reading series.

Slate Roof Press: Into the Mystery — The Bodypoem

Speak a poem with your body! Come join Slate Roof poets Audrey Gidman and Anna M. Warrock in the physical experience of language. What parts of the poem warrant motion? Does one image evoke the wrists, another the hips? Sign language? Shadowplay? Stillness? In this perfection-free zone, we’ll speak bodypoems, using short writing prompts to launch us into movement, invitation, physical questioning, and possible arrival. For poets and non-poets, adults and high-schoolers.  

Audrey Gidman won the Elyse Wolf Prize for her chapbook, body psalms, forthcoming fromSlate Roof Press. Her work has appeared in Q/A Poetry, mutiny! magazine, Confrontation, Slippery Elm and elsewhere. She has facilitated a variety of workshops, including exploratory erasure poetry workshops with adults and teens, a poetic excavation of etymology in conjunction with A CLEARING, and love letter activism workshops. 

Anna M. Warrock’s latest book, From the Other Room, won the Slate Roof Press Chapbook Award. Besides appearing in The Sun, The Madison Review, Harvard Review, and elsewhere, her work is anthologized in Kiss Me Goodnight, women writing on childhood mother-loss, a Minnesota Book Award Finalist. Her poems have been choreographed, set to music, and inscribed in a Boston area subway station.

Saturday, February 20, 2021 (2:00-4:00pm) Cost $15 (sliding scale available, email:

Stories in Motion: Arts by the People

Stories in Motion combines spoken word, poetry, and dance to create a uniquely interpretive and sensorial experience for participants, mixing original works created in our poetry workshops with choreography. Each poem/dance provides a catalyst for discussion: language, imagery, emotional embodiment, and physical interpretation.

Stories in Motion is open to everyone. It is an engaging workshop led by director and author, Paul Rabinowitz with Stories in Motion resident artist(s), Marsha Guirlande Pierre, Jennifer Sanchez or Alyssa Tiren (dancer/choreographer)

Workshop Sunday, February 21, 2021 (noon-2:00pm), $25 includes 2 tickets to the March 7th performance (you and a friend)

Performance Sunday, March 7, 2021 (2:00pm-3pm), $10

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