Associated Programming

~Please note that all programming is virtual~

(The Authors and Artists Festival February 27-28, 2021 is Free: the other Associated Programming helps pay for the festival. Please note there are no refunds unless the events are cancelled, but you can give someone your electronic ticket if you can’t make it. Thank you for supporting the A&A Festival!)

Book Launch: Honoring Nature 2/27/21: 5:30pm

Join the party (on zoom) meet many of the 40 authors and artists who contributed to this anthology of the first 2 years of A&A, all focused on Honoring Nature.

  • Book launch $5
  • Book $20
  • Book and book launch package $25

–No refunds: book launch proceeds are to print and mail a copy of the book for all 40 contributors—-

Notice of Cancellation: Stories in Motion originally scheduled for 2/21/21 and 3/7/21 are cancelled and registrations refunded

We’re very grateful to all our Associated Programming Partners for 2021:

  • 2/20/21: Slate Roof Poets: The BodyPoem
  • 2/7/21: Dr. Scott Russell Sanders: The Way of Imagination
  • 1/23/21: Dr. Rebecca Burrill: Movement-Language-Nature-Art
  • 1/3/21: Drs. Gay Bradshaw and Susan Cerulean: Talking with Bears and I Have Been Assigned the Single Bird
  • 12/19/20: Marty Espinola: Nature Photography
  • 11/14/20: Dr. Leo Hwang et al: Blogging Nature
  • 11/1/20: Dr. Deb Habib and Ricky Baruch: Making Love While Farming
  • And to everyone who participated in the free reading series—thank you!
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