2021 On-line Art Show

Authors and Artists Festival is so pleased to be able to show these images of the natural world by local photographers and other artists. All photos are by default copyrighted to the artist—take no pictures, leave no footprints—enjoy the online show.


Call for 2021 Art:

Email Lis McLoughlin: AnnOndras@gmail.com up to 3 pieces, less than 2MB each with your name, town/state or country, website (optional), and 2-3 sentences about how your art honors nature or why you were moved to create this nature art.

In the meantime, please enjoy the art included in 2020’s show, and the new art being added at the top as it comes in…..

Photographic Art

Megan Adams, Northfield, MA

This photo was taken just down the road from my house. It showcases the autumn leaves changing colors as they do this time of year. This road is always a beautiful place to view the Autumn foliage. 

Martin Espinola, Northampton, MA www.lighteffects.shutterfly.org

This chipmunk peeked out at me from his home a good ten feet up in the tree in Enders State Forest. It can be challenging to get photos of these shy critters since they rarely stand still for even a few seconds in their endless search for food or a place to hide.

I spotted this snail on a rock on Monhegan Island in Maine. I have rarely seen snails and was surprised to see the artistic designs nature had drawn on its shell home. Another wonder of nature.

These mushrooms just popped up overnight in my front lawn. I’d never seen any out there before that morning. I have no idea what mysterious force causes them to grow so quickly where they do and only on certain nights.


Betty Lynne Wolfson, Florence, MA

I have lived in the valley, here in Florence, for more than forty years.  
In these times, after months of adoringly appreciating the beauty that is Western Massachusetts, I brought myself to the coast, to breathe in the sea air, and feel the sand between my toes, where the Dunes of Provincetown inspired this painting.  Of Life, and Nature, of one thing we can rest assured, and that is change, in each moment, throughout time.

Kacki St. Clair, Northfield, MA

photo collage, each 20″x16
Beach rocks, sand, water trails – all evoke the beauty and peacefulness of Cape Cod on a warm late afternoon. These images were captured on one such an afternoon in late September. Use of collage allowed me to follow various inner mood swings and visual lines of action.   

Richard St Clair, Northfield MA

American Sphinx oil on linen16″x14.5″
I was struck by the resemblance of rock formations in the west to figures and classic images from Egypt.

Artist’s Statement: My paintings are a statement of the positivity and complexity of the natural world. I try to convey the movement and energy, changes of season, changes by the moment that we experience in New England. I live in a house in Bernardston that has a clear, nicely framed view of Mt. Monadnock outlined by lots of trees. I gaze out at this from my studio. The changes in the sky and the vegetation are a constant source of inspiration. The hot tub is on the deck and the night sky from the tub is also a wonder to behold. I hope you enjoy my paintings and will look further at my website: www.KitajArt.com

  • Earthly Possessions by Karma Kitaj, Bernardston, MA. Encaustic on found pieces of cut lumber.
  • Daisy in Bloom by Karma Kitaj, Bernardston, MA. This is an encaustic mono print made on a Hotbox. One draws with encaustic painton a heated aluminum plate and places art paper on top. Paints are used that have a doublecolor when applied to heat for a long time. All of my abstract paintings are representations of nature of all seasons, looking from different vantage points.
  • Horizontal Clouds by Karma Kitaj, Bernardston, MA. This is made from encaustic wax on plywood, with burnt shellac which makes the filagree image.

Artist Bio: ARTmuffin is a visionary artist residing in Northampton, MA. You can find more of his work at www.artmuffin.com or on Instagram at #artmuffin_studio

  • Hexagonal Microcosm: This piece was a commission for a sacred beekeeper. I did some research on bees, bee anatomy and their link to the universe and must say I found a lot of really interesting information. This really got my imagination flowing and I brought the pieces together that were standing out to me. It was fun to start working on this piece and watch it unfold. As I connected lines and dots things just kept falling into place…the internal microcosm within the bee, the circles and shapes that became the heart chakra, it all just kept creating itself. I just had to hold on to the pencils and brushes and let it happen.
  • Taking Root: I’ve always been fascinated with our role as humans within the universe and within nature. Knowing that we all die and end up ‘out there’ in one way or another raises a lot of questions for me and becomes the driving energy behind a great deal of my work. I have so many questions therefore I paint so many questions. When I’m not painting questions I make up my own answers and paint those too. I imagine other cultures in other dimensions living their lives their way, possibly similar to ours. They record their history, tell their stories, teach their children, spread their word. They face the same problems with mortality. Their bodies deteriorate and are somehow dealt with, possibly through ritual. Perhaps they are planted in their ground, becoming their landscape. Or reduced to a fine dust and distributed in the wind that whistles past, becoming everything and nothing. I like to paint the mystery.
  • Green Skull: Flowers and vines, symbols and angles, different pairs yet so closely related. So much math and hidden, sacred geometry within nature. We try to understand, expand our minds, do the math, ride the ride. Somehow humans interrupt nature’s system, possibly causing misfires and miscalculations, but nature grows on and pushes through us.
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